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Bell Named Academic Assistant To The Dean Of The Professional Performance Division at Berklee

Jazzed Magazine • News • September 19, 2018

Karen Bell has been named the academic assistant to the dean of the Professional Performance Division at Berklee College of Music. Bell, who previously worked in the Office of Alumni Affairs, will be the primary advisor to performance majors, students enrolled in performance studies classes, students enrolled in Performance Division institutes (Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Effortless Mastery Institute, and the newly launched Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice), and students enrolled in the division’s specific music programs (American Roots Music, Berklee Theater Arts Collaborative, and Latin Music Studies).

She will work with dean Ron Savage to implement new curricular initiatives and college-wide collaborations—such as the Berklee Summer Initiative program—and enhance the student experience in collaboration with the institution’s diversity, inclusion, and student success efforts. With more than three decades of industry knowledge as a professional performer and music business owner/consultant, she is the ideal person to determine program development that best supports students entering the professional world.

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