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Broadway Comes to Charlestown – CHSJAZZ Style!

Christian Wissmuller • News • August 4, 2021
Get your tickets and take your seats as the curtain opens onto your CJO’s Jazz on Broadway starring Manny Houston. The neon lights will be shining bright as Manny Houston and your CJO bring Broadway to the Charleston Music Hall stage. There will be magic in the air as we give our regards to Broadway.

This performance has been made possible in part by REV Federal Credit Union.

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More about Manny Houston

Since becoming a viral sensation as a rapper and singer on musical apps like Voisey and RapChat, Manny Houston has been steadily building a loyal fan base that is anxiously awaiting the release of his music: Music filled with raw lyrics, introspective emotions, and soulful melodies.

An all-around creative from South Carolina, Manny is a well-studied musician and artist, very akin to Donald Glover and Kanye West in his creation. Though his main medium is Hip-Hop, Manny has his hands in all artistic and musical fields.

He has a degree in classical piano, has worked professionally as a musician since the age of seventeen and was last seen in the Off-Broadway show “Forbidden Broadway Next Generation”. Now he is diving fully into the world of Hip-Hop to bring together all his talents. With no album out, he’s managed to garner shoutouts from artists and execs, such as: Westside Boogie, Jacob Collier, Denzyl Fiegelson (CEO of Platoon) , and even managed to snag a deal with Snapchat for one of his first singles “Coupe.”

What is happening now?

This August, Manny begins his 4 month run in the musical Kinky Boots at the Paramount Theater in Chicago!

Check out this interview!

“I came to Charleston as a college student enrolled in the Musical Arts program at the College of Charleston. The richness of the musical heritage in Charleston helped me to really understand music. So much musical talent came out of Charleston that music is a tradition here.”  – Manny Houston  |  Read more of Manny’s recent interview in SC Music Guide HERE!

Mess Around: A Tribute to Ray Charles
Manny Houston + Charleston Jazz Orchestra

Originally performed live on April 20, 2019
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