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Burrell Family Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Kenny Burrell’s wife Katherine has launched a GoFundMe campaign for her husband, and has since raised more than double their goal. The campaign was launched in early May in an effort to help pay for the jazz guitarist’s medical expenses and couple’s financial hardships after they were both victims of identity theft and bank fraud.

The Jazz Foundation issued a statement about the campaign, confirming that it is legitimately linked back to the Burrell family.

“Musicians close to Kenny have been in touch with him directly to confirm his situation, and the Jazz Foundation has been in contact with Katherine for months. We operate with the utmost respect for client privacy and confidentiality, but given the questions that have come up, Katherine has kindly given us permission to share this information,” says the statement. “Kenny and Katherine had been dealing with this situation alone for several years, because, as always, musicians are proud and self-reliant and do things on their own. They did not even contact us to ask for help but were referred by friends.”

Fans and friends can still donate to the campaign, which can be viewed here:

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