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Filmmakers Raising Funds for ‘Hawkins: A Documentary on Marshall Hawkins and IAA’

Jazzed Magazine • News • September 19, 2013

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The film production team ManoffGilpatrick Productions is in the planning stages of creating a documentary about renowned musician and educator Marshall Hawkins, who has served a legendary orle at the Idyllwild Arts Academy. Says Devon Gilpatrick (Co-producer): “Marshall has taken a chance putting this project in our hands, because this project will encapsulate his life and his legacy. I want to thank Marshall for taking that chance and I want to let him know that Ashi and I vow to do everything in our power to make a film that honors that legacy to the highest degree. So I am asking you to take that chance with MGP, to put your trust in Ashi and me, and make this movie a reality.

“As far as the budget goes for the making of this film, we estimate a total of $20,000 in order to bring our full artistic vision to fruition. The main costs for this film will go into traveling expenses. We have an extensive list of heavyweight names in the music industry who have played a significant part in Marshall’s story. Some of you may know about Marshall’s playing in Miles Davis’ band along with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, and Tony Williams in his younger days, but a large number of professionals know and have a lot to say about Marshall.

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