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Future of Music Coalition and Jazz Forward Coalition Host DC Roundtable October 28

Jazzed Magazine • News • September 19, 2013

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The Future of Music Coalition and Jazz Forward Coalition next month will host an informal roundtable on the future of jazz advocacy in Washington, D.C. Hosted by FMC and facilitated by JFC, this is a brown bag lunch bringing together artists, educators, presenters, promoters, advocates, managers, funders, and policymakers to speak frankly about ways to build greater collaborative engagement.

A dichotomy is at play for jazz; it’s a cultural and economic driver in the community, yet we know jazz musicians are often underpaid and certainly under resourced in many ways. Given jazz’s unique value proposition as a declared national treasure, how do we go from a hidden treasure to a treasure trove? An important goal is to become a stronger partner for policy makers. To do this we must first identify points of connection, define obstacles and pathways and develop initial steps for greater collaborative engagement.

In this closed session, with key stakeholders from the jazz community, the group plans to draw consensus on one or two action points to vet with policy makers in the public session immediately following.

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