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Holdsworth Endorses ISP Technologies

ISPJazz/Progressive Rock guitarist, Allan Holdsworth, has endorsed the ISP Technologies Theta Pro DSP™ floor controlled guitar system.  As an artist known for sculpting the guitar’s voice into textures and colors, Holdsworth realized, after demoing the Theta Pro at a recent gig, just how easily he could shape his own tone.

The ISP Technologies ThetaPro DSP is a floor-controlled guitar system with a fully programmable digital Theta preamp, Vintage preamp, plus Studio quality effects processing. According to ISP, “While the buzz for many years has been ‘modeling,’ ISP takes a departure from the modeling processors and hands the guitar player the audio clay. Professional players like Holdsworth, want their own sound and the ThetaPro DSP delivers, allowing the artist to shape their own tone with limitless possibilities. With other great features, like the a 32 bit floating point processor, more usable gain than other processors on the market with no aliasing, and the ability to plug directly into the FOH system and/or record directly, more artists are discovering and using the Theta Pro both live and in the studio.”

Holdsworth said, “The Theta Pro sounds simply amazing. Exceptional tone shaping abilities.” To have Holdsworth, who has also been named as influential in their music by such renowned artists as Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Alex Lifeson, Michael Romeo, and Greg Howe demo the ThetaPro was amazing. ISP Technologies is greatly honored to have such an amazing and genre-defying guitarist choose the Theta Pro DSP.

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