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Jazz Foundation Calls for Donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief

Jazzed Magazine • News • November 14, 2012

In a message to all members and fans in the jazz community, the longtime advocacy group Jazz Foundation wrote:

“It’s so much worse than one might have imagined. Aside from the most obvious need of water, warmth, food and money, hundreds of musicians have lost gigs because of Sandy. Clubs are closed, and musicians haven’t been able to travel out of town for work either. Lost gigs means no money for the rent. No money for the rent means the Jazz Foundation will be providing emergency assistance.

Most had no money because gigs have been canceled, ATM’s are not in service and stores are closed, therefore, no food. Elevators are out of service and elder musicians have to walk up and down flights of stairs in the dark and traverse miles of the city just to get to an open grocery store or for the warmth of a hot meal. Three of the musicians we found had just gotten out of hospitals within the last few weeks and were home alone under these conditions”

Donate here to help in their time of crisis:

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