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JEN Seeks Submissions For ‘Jazz Education in Research and Practice’

The Jazz Education Network (JEN) is currently inviting submissions for Jazz Education in Research and Practice, the organization’s soon-to-be published peer-reviewed research journal in jazz education. Articles that provide models, resources, and effective techniques for the teaching and learning of the art form are particularly welcome by the submission deadline of May 6, 2019 here.

Jazz Education in Research and Practice will be an information resource for researchers and practitioners worldwide,” says Monika Herzig, JEN Research interest group committee chair. “I am very excited to serve as the coordinator of this academic journal that will showcase the quality of work and level of scientific inquiry in the jazz pedagogy community.”

The Jazz Education In Research and Practice (JAZZ) journal will explore diverse topics of jazz scholarship and its applications to pedagogy, and provide a forum for interaction and exchange between researchers and practitioners grounded in scholarship. It was developed by — and is an extension of — the Jazz Education Network Research Interest Group (JENRing), founded in 2014 under the umbrella of the Jazz Education Network (JEN). The journal aims to be inclusive of a wide range of perspectives, from musicology to cultural studies, from psychology to business, that can be applied in the field. Jazz Education in Research and Practice will be published annually through IU Press. A digital version of JAZZ will be distributed to all JEN members upon publication in January 2020 and available to the general public through JSTOR and Project Muse.

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