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Marsalis Named ITG Honorary Award Recipient for 2016

Jazzed Magazine • News • June 18, 2015

MARSALISTrumpet virtuoso Wynton Marsalis has been awarded the International Trumpet Guild’s Honorary Award. This award was established by the International Trumpet Guild for the purpose of recognizing “those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the art of trumpet playing.” These contributions are through one’s performance, teaching, publishing, research, and/or composition.

To date Wynton has produced over 80 records, which have sold over seven million copies worldwide including three Gold Records. Wynton Marsalis has won nine Grammy Awards® in grand style. In 1983 he became the only artist ever to win Grammy Awards® for both jazz and classical records; and he repeated the distinction by winning jazz and classical Grammys® again in 1984. Today Wynton is the only artist ever to win Grammy Awards® in five consecutive years (1983-1987).

In 1987 Wynton Marsalis co-founded a jazz program at Lincoln Center. In July 1996, due to its significant success, Jazz at Lincoln Center was installed as new constituent of Lincoln Center, equal in stature with the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, and New York City Ballet – a historic moment for jazz as an art form and for Lincoln Center as a cultural institution. Wynton Marsalis has devoted his life to uplifting populations worldwide with the egalitarian spirit of jazz. And while his body of work is enough to fill two lifetimes, Wynton continues to work tirelessly to contribute even more to our world’s cultural landscape. It has been said that he is an artist for whom greatness is not just possible, but inevitable. The most extraordinary dimension of Wynton Marsalis, however, is not his accomplishments but his character. It is the lesser-known part of this man who finds endless ways to give of himself.

The ITG is proud to present this prestigious honor to Wynton Marsalis.

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