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Radio Program Mondo Jazz Launches on Radio Free Brooklyn

Jazzed Magazine • News • November 29, 2017

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New radio program Mondo Jazz, hosted by Italian-turned-New-Yorker Ludovico Granvassu (founder and editor-in-chief of All About Jazz Italia), has launched with the mission to showcase international jazz that’s not readily available on U.S. airwaves.

The show, which debuted on November 15, is broadcast every Wednesday from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Radio Free Brooklyn.

“When I first moved to the United States I was surprised that, in the country where the customer has unlimited choices, I could go to a supermarket and find 80 different brands of cereal, but in a record store the selection of jazz albums was much narrower than in record stores in Oslo, Tokyo, Brussels, London, Rome, Paris, etc. It was therefore not surprising that the playlists of the major radio stations was equally narrow,” says Granvassu. “How could it be that, in the land which gave birth to this music, jazz fans had fewer options than jazz fans from anywhere else in the world? I quickly realized that whereas record stores and radio stations abroad naturally featured albums from the U.S., since jazz was born in the U.S., they also featured albums by international jazz musicians since there are thriving jazz scenes everywhere, which produce excellent artists. These foreign artists were virtually unknown in the U.S. and absent from American airwaves.”

The first three episodes have discussed jazz walking, jazz traveling, and film noir jazz soundtracks.

“My mission with Mondo Jazz is to share some of my favorite international artists with U.S. jazz fans to widen their listening options,” adds Granvassu. “Needless to say, there will be plenty of U.S. jazz on my program, in an attempt to show the continuity that exists between the U.S. and the international jazz scenes. Mondo Jazz is dedicated to the proposition that jazz is a language that originated in the U.S. but is now spoken all over the world in various, at times very strong, accents and dialects, which make it a rich resource for rewarding sonic explorations. In the end, I hope to give a small contribution towards making barriers (across music-genres and nationalities) meaningless, and show that all that matters is people, the beauty of their music and the emotions it can generate.”

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