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Second Round of Jazz Coalition Commission Fund Recipients Announced

Victoria Wasylak • News • August 24, 2020

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The second round of Jazz Coalition Commission Fund recipients has been announced. Thanks to the support of community members, as well as some important institutional donors, the Jazz Coalition is able to award additional commissions to the following deserving artists.

To date Jazz Coalition has been able to disburse $103,000 in funds to musicians. View the complete list of grantees here.

Several grantees expressed gratitude while also cautioning their responsibility to reflect the present moment in society. Pianist, organist and composer Willerm Delisfort commented on receiving his commission noting an “opportunity to contribute music that could possibly change hearts and minds of many, especially during these challenging times when many are simply angry, and tired of being angry.”

Similarly, composer, vocalist, and educator Fay Victor noted that “receiving this grant will enable me to create a work that will surely represent the unrepresented. I am still considering, but leaning toward writing an improvised choir piece featuring black female voices.”

Drummer, composer, and Berklee College of Music professor Ralph Peterson, Jr. brought up a different aspect he hoped to highlight. “I am humbled and honored to receive this Jazz Coalition grant! The Jazz Coalition works to create empowering experiences of all kinds for artists in our community. In addition to the commission, I look forward to working with the Coalition on future projects including, but not limited to health and wellness.”

Composer, pianist, and educator Michele Rosewoman, known for her work at the intersection of jazz and sacred Afro-Cuban traditions, expressed gratitude and reflected on the current moment: “This much appreciated commission is an encouraging opportunity for musical reflection and expression. It helps the community continue to strive and to thrive. A recent review of my poetry/spoken word and the introspection of these unusual times seems to be providing a spark for new music, for which words are igniting the form and direction. Something different will come out of all of this–humanity is being pushed towards change and being given an opportunity to right some wrongs. The arts will of course reflect the times.”

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