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The Art of Kansas City Swing: An International Jazz Education Festival

KANSASCITY“The Art of Kansas City Swing” (June 18-20, 2015) is the first time Kansas City Swing music will be studied in the land of its birth – Kansas City, Missouri. This festival takes the historic area known as 18th and Vine and transports you to the oldest continuously run jazz house in the world, the Mutual Musicians Foundation, once known as Local 627 or the “colored” musician’s union. This unique educational festival explores the origins of what became known as “Kansas City Swing” music, its architects, and the reasons for the development of the style. 

Participants will have the opportunity to study Kansas City Swing with national and international jazz masters; see and study at the historic structures of the architects of Kansas City Swing, their schools, nightclubs, and legendary union hall still there after 90 years of continuous use; be a part of the legendary jazz jam session of the last 90 years and much more.

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