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The John & Alice Coltrane Home Aims For Restoration

Saved from demolition in 2007, The John and Alice Coltrane Home – the historic home where two of America’s most influential musicians and composers lived and worked – has been designated a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. John composed A Love Supreme, and Alice recorded five of her many groundbreaking recordings including A Monastic Trio, Ptah The El Daoud, Universal Consciousness, Huntington Ashram Monastery, and Journey in Satchidananda in the home.

The home launched a Kickstarter to restore the home for future generations to enjoy, and while it did not meet its goal, the team behind the project has stated they will rework their plan and re-launch the campaign in the spring.

Once restored, the home will be an inspirational museum, educational cultural center, and destination for music lovers around the world, promoting the music and humanitarian legacies of John and Alice Coltrane.

Photo by Joshua Scott/National Trust for Historic Preservation

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