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Tama Superstar Classic

Jazzed Magazine • Products • September 24, 2015

TamaSuperstarCK72SBOS copy

All Superstar Classic features Tama’s signature thin maple shells, along with vintage style low-mass single lugs, and the sustain-enhancing Star-Mount tom mounting system.

Triple-flange hoops allow for a more open, resonant sound from the toms and snare, while all-maple bass drum hoops help deliver robust, yet tight bottom-end.

The limited edition “Classic Rock” configuration (CK426RZSBOS) offers even more thunderous low-end, courtesy of a 26” bass drum. Unencumbered by any unnecessary hardware, the shell is free to resonate to its fullest. Two floor toms with fat, beefy tones, add a wider tonal spread, giving this kit an all-around sound that’s both big and powerful. Available exclusively in a Bright Orange Sparkle finish, this kit is as rugged and roadworthy as it is attractive.

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