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From the Current Issue...

Featured: Spotlight

Hypnotized by the Rhythm

Enter the Multifaceted World of Jason ‘Spicy G’ Goldman.

Chick Corea – A Civil Relationship Between Teacher and Student

Chick Corea. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

Fully Immersed

Jeff Denson’s Journey as an Artist and Educator

Featured: Lessons Learned

The Art of Jazz Festival Programming

The success or failure of your students’ jazz festival performances, experience and fate might be determined before a note is taught or performed.

Engaging the Big Band

Some rehearsal techniques that create a more student-centered rehearsal environment that increases student engagement.

How to Make a Good Band Better

Teachers need to have some specific skills in order to be effective as a conductor of a jazz ensemble.

Featured: Focus Session

Learning to Play Ghosted Notes, the Cannonball Trill, and the Texas Wobble to Enhance Jazz Saxophone Performance

Many jazz saxophonists also use other special techniques which add a great deal of expressiveness and excitement to their performance

Jazz Pedagogy: Learning to Play Using Authentic Jazz Articulations

How to teach musicians to correctly articulate in a jazz swing style.

Developing a Great Jazz Vibrato

Vibrato is a technique used by most advanced musicians to add expression to the music, improve intonation and allow notes to have a singing quality.

Featured: What's on Your Playlist?

What’s on Your Playlist: Ben Rosenblum

A look at what pianist/composer/accordionist Ben Rosenblum is currently listening to.

What’s on Your Playlist – Tom Oren

A look at what pianist Tom Oren is listening to, October 2020

What’s on Your Playlist – John Lake

A look at what NYC-based trumpet player and composer John Lake has been listening to.

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