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  • Adoro’s Silent Sticks

    Victoria Wasylak | September 22, 2020Silent Sticks are an inexpensive means with which to cut acoustic drum and cymbal volume +/-50%, even when playing at normal velocity. Dual-Twist Reflex Tips consisting of two twisted strands of firm, yet flexible monofilament nylon rounded tightly like small hoops, are permanently embedded with epoxy into the stick shafts. Instead of bouncing like the bead of a typical stick, these tips rebound by flexing, making it possible to practice quietly or play gigs at lower volumes without adjusting the velocity of the playing. The air-filled shafts (16”/406mm long; 0.47”/12mm dia.) are made of lightweight but shock resistant polycarbonate that absorbs the impact of the hardest strokes. They will not wear out or warp. For a relaxed no-slip grip of the sticks and great finger control, there are textured rubber X-Grips. Read More...
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