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  • Creating and Using Synthetic Scales for Guitar

    Jazzed Magazine | November 19, 2010Major and minor scales and their related modes and arpeggios are the cornerstones of improvisation. But sometimes “home improvements” are needed. You can infuse some sonic curb appeal with synthetics. Synthetics build upon what you already know. By adding key notes or leaving some out, you can quickly produce an interesting variation on a scale […] Read More...
  • Common Errors in Jazz Music Notation

    Jazzed Magazine | October 28, 2009When, in their music notation, jazz musicians violate fundamental rules of music theory, jazz is made less accessible to the classical music community, not to mention the promotion of inaccurate musicianship standards to jazz students. By contrast, jazz writers’ adherence to correct theory would benefit everyone, jazz and classical musicians alike. In this article I’ll […] Read More...
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