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Gator Cases

  • Gator Cases’ Fret Mutes

    Christian Wissmuller | October 27, 2021The number of guitarists has boomed worldwide in just the past year and a half. No matter if they are new to the instrument or not, guitarists are searching for a great way to take their playing to the next level. Enter Gator Cases’ game-changing guitar accessory, the Guitar Fret Mutes. Guitar Fret Mutes are unique as they […] Read More...
  • Gator Cases Unveils GL Band Series Redesign

    Christian Wissmuller | September 22, 2021Gator Cases makes it effortless to protect and carry your instrument in style with the newly redesigned GL Band Series. “When we reached out to end users in this category, we quickly realized that they were not big fans of all-black cases,” said Rob McCoy, Gator’s Product Management Director. “Our design team has evolved this design […] Read More...
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